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A Mid 16th Century Oak Chest

Late 17th Century Oak Coffer

17th Century Walnut Coffer

17th/18th Century Upholstered Ottoman

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Late 17th Century Oak Mule Chest

A 17th Century Panelled And Carved Oak Box

Medieval Oak Chest Circa 1400

A 17th Century Carved Three Panel Oak Coffer

Antique coffers has been a popular choice with many of our previous clients & Antique oak furniture have managed to establish a nice selection for you to have a browse through on the main pages of this site.

If you are interested in collecting an antique coffer, we have some very interesting pieces available. We have a variety of antique coffers which originate from the 17th century. Antique coffers are frequently covered with intricate & decorative carvings which enhance the presence of the piece.

Antique chairs

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