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16th/17th Century Iron Smelting Ladles

17th Century Pewter Slip Top Spoons

16th Century Brass Chamber Stick

16th/17th Century Eel Spear

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17th Century Barrel Tap

Medieval Iron Spear Head/Spike

17th/18th Century Iron Small Cauldron

A 17th/18th Century Skillet

17th Century Bronze/Bell Metal Pan

17th/18th Century Pewter Jug

17th/18th Century Skillet

17th/18th Century Rush Nip

17th Century Italian Bronze Wall Plaque

Pair Of 17th/18th Century Bronze Wick Trimmers

18th Century French Brandy Warmer

A Circa 1590 Candlestick

15th/16th Century Chopper

15th/16th Century Strong Box

18th Century Brass Tobacco Box

17th Century Pewter Bottle

19th Century Brass Cooking Pot

19th Century Cooking Pot

19th Century Waffle Maker

16th/17th Century Bronze Cauldron

18th/19th Century Bronze Pestle And Mortar

A Period Nuremberg Brass Alms Dish

Antique Metalworks has been a popular choice with many of our previous clients & Antique oak furniture have managed to establish a nice selection for you to have a browse through on the main pages of this site.

We have some fine examples of antique metalwork available in the form of arrow heads, spear heads, cauldrons, pans & even oil lamps. We hold a substantial stock of antique metalwork to compliment our oak and country furniture.

Antique metalwork

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