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Medieval Oak Chest Circa 1400

A Medieval Oak Chest Circa 1400. The front profusely carved with medieval beasts under Gothic arches situated between turrets. A similar example in the Kopenhagen Museum collection. Period restorations. Extremely rare.

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A Circa 1400 Medieval Gothic Stone Font

A Circa 1400 Medieval Gothic Stone Font. Constructed in three sections from limestone and covered in period Gothic decoration - Worn with various damages consistent with age - Exceptionally rare

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Medieval Iron Spear Head/Spike

A medieval 'marked' iron spear head/spike

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A Selection Of Medieval Arrowheads

A selection of excavated and cleaned medieval arrowheads

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13th/14th Century Medieval Soup Bowl

13th/14th Century medieval square lipped soup bowl

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Medieval Artefacts has been a popular choice with many of our previous clients & Antique oak furniture have managed to establish a nice selection for you to have a browse through on the main pages of this site.

The artefacts we currently have for sale are divided in 2 main categories: Artefacts, Medieval Specials Artefacts.

Artefacts are divided in 9 periods such as: Neolithic, Ancient, Egyptian, Roman/Celtic, Byzantine, Dark Ages (Viking, Saxon, Norman, Frankish, Merovingian, Ostrogoth, German Migration), Medieval, post-Medieval, various Collectibles. Medieval Specials is divided in 5 categories and features some of our best medieval artefacts:  Collection Medieval seal matrices, Various Medieval pewter artefacts, Pewter pilgrims badges, Pewter erotic badges and medieval pottery.

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