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Antique Stone Gothic Mortar

A Stone Gothic Mortar with crescent moon decoration dating from Circa 1500 acquired from the garden of a Chateau in St. Project, South West France.

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Medieval Gothic Stone Font

A Circa 1400 Medieval Gothic Stone Font. Constructed in three sections from limestone and covered in period Gothic decoration - Worn with various damages consistent with age

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We carry a comprehensive stock of Gothic furniture from 14th Century through until the 18th Century including Gothic Boxes, Gothic chests, and Gothic Cupboards.

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Gothic furniture has been a popular choice with many of our previous clients & Antique oak furniture have managed to establish a nice selection for you to have a browse through on the main pages of this site.

What we know of Gothic style furniture though is based largely on what has survived in churches and cathedrals. Secular furniture of the period has not survived so well and what we can see in museums and stately homes is a small percentage of the wealth of secular furniture that once existed. We emphasise the use of green oak in carving, the use of hand tools and traditional finishing techniques backed up by extensive historical research into gothic carving and design. Antique Gothic furniture was mostly made from oak, although local softwoods were also used towards the end of the period. Medieval Gothic style furniture was heavily carved and decorated. Gothic furniture craft paved the way for the Renaissance period to follow, and many new items of furniture appeared at this time.

Gothic Furniture

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