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Late 17th Century Drop Leaf Writing Table

A Late 17th Century Drop Leaf Writing Table. Fitted with two drop leaves over a single drawer raised on tapering fluted legs terminating in briganza feet with the drop leaves being supported by a single gate leg action. Good colour and proportions.

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17th Century Oak Joint Stool

A 17th Century oak joint stool fitted with a single plank top,turned supports united by a box stretcher. Period restorations.

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17th Century and Later Oak Wainscot Chair

A 17th Century and later oak Wainscot chair with an initialled cresting rail raised on turned front supports.

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17th Century Oak Low Dresser

A superb late 17th century antique oak low dresser, fitted with three frieze cushion moulded drawers and raised on
turned front legs. Excellent colour, period restorations.

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A Late 17th Century Oak And Walnut Chest Of Drawers

A Late 17th Century Oak And Walnut Chest Of Drawers. Fitted with two short over two long drawers all with geometrically moulded fronts with inset walnut panels raised on turned bun feet. Of exceptional colour and diminutive in size.

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Late 17th Century Oak Coffer

A late 17th Century oak coffer, fitted with a planked top over a three panelled carved front. Excellent colour.

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A 17th Century Carved Three Panel Oak Coffer

A 17th Century Carved Three Panel Oak Coffer. Fitted with a two plank top over a profusely carved three panel front raised on extended stile supports.

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Rare 17th Century Waffle Maker

A rare 17th century waffle maker for making Communion Bread, the inner faces impressed with four bread designs. In excavated condition.

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16th Century Two Door Cupboard

A small, rare, antique Mid to Late 16th Century two door cupboard - fitted with two panel doors and raised on sledge feet. Original carving throughout. Period restorations.

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Mid 16th Century Westphalian Oak Cupboard

A Mid 16th Century Westphalian Oak Cupboard Dated 1552. Fitted with two ornate carved panelled doors with original pierced metalwork flanking a central panel depicting Lucrecia, above a two heavily carved drawers, above a carved central and dated door flanked by two heavily carved panels. The cupboard sides having linen fold panelling. Period restorations - rare.

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16th Century Carved Oak Panel

A 16th Century carved oak panel depicting a Romaine head looking to the left. Later framed.

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However the Renaissance period is exceedingly complex we can identify some distinct phases in antique oak renaissance furniture. The Renaissance, meaning rebirth, was an intellectual and artistic movement. Antique oak furniture is the premier source in UK for Gothic Revival and Renaissance Revival furniture. Furniture of the Gothic style has its origins in the 12th century when the Romanesque architecture adopted by the Saxons and Normans gave way to the richly decorated Gothic architectural style. The architecture visible in the great cathedrals and churches built at that time was also reflected in the design of furniture and fittings - a style that is characterised by three important elements Gothic Furniture took on the same embellishments as the dominant structures of the 17 th and 18 th Centuries.

Furniture continued to evolve throughout the renaissance period. Two of the most popular types of Renaissance furniture during this time were the chest and the bed. Chests came in all different sizes and shapes, some with legs, and some laying flat on the ground. Beds were the other popular type of renaissance furniture. Beds had many different types of designs and constructions while the most common kinds of furniture during the renaissance period were beds and chests there are many other types that existed during the era.

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