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At our Antique Oak Furniture shop our stock often includes antique tables, antique chairs, antique cupboards, antique dressers, antique chest of drawers, antique settees and settles, decorative antiques, antique metalwork and antiquities. We stock a fine selection of antique oak furniture from 17th, 18th and 19th century.



CHESTS  / COFFERS Antiques are such that these can effortlessly add a sense of history and elegance to any home. These are versatile and can sit well in contemporary as well as traditional decor and it is a bonus if the antique is also functional.
This section of Antiques of Woodstock often features a classic variety of antique oak coffers, French chests, antique storage chests, antique oak chest, upholstered antique ottoman and gothic chests. Here at our antique oak furniture shop in Oxfordshire UK all our pieces are from the 16th and the 17th century and most in great condition.
Visit us or browse through the website to see all the options.



DRESSERS An antique dresser can be a very stylish feature in the contemporary homes. It often effortlessly manages to add charm and character to a setting. e often have a good collection of dressers from the 17th century onwards including a wide range of antique oak dresser, oak low dresser, 19th century oak dresser, pot board dresser, elm dresser, oak dresser base, breakfront dresser and Lancashire dresser etc.
If you do not see exactly what you are looking for please contact us. We have many items in storage awaiting restoration. We also can undertake a search for you through our extensive client base and associated trade contacts.



CHESTS OF DRAWERS Chests of drawers are perfect examples of style and function providing antique look as well as ample storage space.

Here at Antique Oak Furniture we offer a wide selection of antique oak chest of drawers, walnut chest of drawers, 17th century chest of drawers, oak chest of drawers, etc. These antique chests of drawers are unique and often stylish. These chests can sit pretty in any room be it bedroom or living room  etc

With restoration kept at its minimum, these often retain their age and character.



CHAIRS / STOOLS Whether you plan to mix and match to create an eclectic dining space or to match your antiques all the way, here at Antique Oak Furniture we have a variety of beautiful 17th & 18th Century chairs, antique oak stools, antique oak dining chairs, antique oak armchairs, walnut dining chairs, elm dining chairs, spindle back chairs and upholstered chairs for you to choose from here at Antique Oak Furniture in Oxfordshire.
Antique stools can have a variety of uses be it for seating, as small TV stands or side tables or can be used in the kitchens of the modern homes too.



TABLES Our antique tables range from trestle tables through antique country farmhouse tables to antique occasional tables.
In stock at antique oak furniture store in Oxfordshire, UK our selection of period oak often includes an antique oak side tables, oak farmhouse tables, oak refectory tables, antique writing tables, antique oak trestle table, yew wood and walnut side tables, oak cricket tables, pine trestle tables and oak tripod table.



CUPBOARDS Antique cupbpoards are practical and ornamental. With their elegant form these are versatile antiques that work in most rooms and often offer great storage capacity making them practical and versatile.
Browse through this antique cupboards section to see our fine collection of antique cupboards such as oak two door cupboard, antique oak armoire, oak food cupboard, oak press cupboard, oak court cupboard, two door cupboard and Gothic cupboards.
Do try to visit us at Woodstock Antiques in Oxfordshire UK where we offer antique oak furniture.



SETTLES / SETTEES Antique settles and settees / sofas provide you with style and comfort and at the same time come packed with a historic charm. At Antique Oak Furniture we have some fine examples of antique seating options in terms of styles, designs and colours. Examples often include antique oak settees, wing back settees and  Queen Anne style settees.



BIBLE BOXES / WRITING SLOPES This section features our collection of antique wooden writing slopes, bible storage boxes, wooden vintage writing box, antique bible box, etc. Back in the 17th century, these Bible boxes were used for storage or display of the Bibles. These are typically small wooden containers that can store one or more bibles.

These boxes were produced in a variety of styles and materials. The materials used included ceramic, wood and even metal. Some showcased ornate carvings and etchings, which were often biblical scenes.



CARVINGS / STATUES Antique carvings and statues make the perfect focal point in a room. Whether it is an antique wood panel carving or a statue it will make a statement. Apart from their decorative potential antique carvings and statues, also make a very fine addition to any art collection. These come in different forms, each handcrafted piece being unique and elegant. 
This section features a classic variety of statues and carvings, often including bronze antique statues, antique wood carvings, antique carved wood panels, marble statues, oak panels, carved wooden statues, antique oak carvings and antique bronze statues. Browse this category to see our collection.



ANTIQUITIES Browse through this section to have a look at our fine selection of antiquities, medieval antiques, ancient roman artifacts, Stoneware antique, mugs, stoneware jars, Chinese bowls, Roman oil lamps, medieval jewellery, medieval bronze rings, 17th century pewter spoon, medieval pottery lamps and much more.
Our stock makes one of the finest collections of the utilities of the past that make unique decorative and collectible items in the modern homes. Walk through this section to have a look at each and every unique item in our collection.



STONEWORK In this section of Antiques of Woodstock we include a classic variety of antique stoneware, antique corbels, stone corbels etc. Unique antique pieces make a fine addtion to classic or contemporary decor giving an air of sophistication. Decorating a place with pieces collected from different places always stands out. These wonderful and charming antique accessories  are such that can make outstanding gifts as well which will be well appreciated and valued by the recipient. Browse this stonework collection.



METALWORK This section showcases a few fine examples of antique metalware. It often includes brass candelabra, antique brass candlesticks, waffle makers, pewter plates, brandy warmers, the very early versions of the pestle and mortar and the like.
If you want us to source it other antique metalware for you please use our ‘Antique Search Service’.



TAPESTRIES Here we often have a fine selection of antique tapestries including Aubusson and European Tapestry  from the 17th and 18th century.
Tapestry was a key component of grand court style during the eighteenth century.  Tapestries have  remained an essential component of European court splendour.  French tapestries were one of the most significant periods of tapestry weaving giving us some of the finest examples seen today. These designs took inspiration from the medieval tapestries and the Arts and Crafts Movement revival giving you an antique tapestry of classical elegance.



OTHER  ITEMS Our Antique Oak Furniture store in Oxfordshire, UK provides a wide range of miscellaneous and often decorative antique items from the 16th, 17th & the 18th century such as antique oil paintings, antique candlesticks, antique fireback, antique gilded mirror, antique bronze mortar, antique metalware and a lot more . This versatile mix includes some good examples of decoratives and collectibles.



DESKS / BUREAUX With the current trends calling for mixing and matching, more and more people are going in for the eclectic appearance for their homes. This trend has extended to include office spaces making the work spaces look unique and incorporating antiques such as antique desks, antique bureaux or old oak writing bureaux etc.

Select from our wide collection of antique desks, antique bureaux, antique mahogany desks, vintage mahogany desks, old oak writing bureaus, wooden writing bureaus at at our antique oak furniture store in Oxfordshire UK.

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for please contact us. We have many items in storage awaiting restoration. Also we can undertake a search for you through our extensive client base and associated trade contacts.



SALES ARCHIVE The above photographs detail items that we have sold over the past few years which fall into the following categories:
Antiquities including items from the following periods:Bronze age, iron age, Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Carolingian, Norman, Medieval, Tudor as well as early Chinese items particularly from the Tang and Ming Dynasties including important terracotta warriors.
Bible Boxes and Writing Slopes from the 16th Century to the 18th Century with many of the Bible Boxes and Writing Slopes being carved in the 17th Century.
Cupboards from the 15th Century to the 18th Century including Elizabethan Court Cupboards, Livery Cupboards, Joined Cupboards, Press Cupboards, Dressoirs, Gothic Cupboards, Deuddarns, Armoires, Corner Cupboards, Spice Cabinets, Housekeepers Cupboards and Hanging Cupboards.   
Desks and Bureaux including Bureau Bookcases.
Dressers from the 17th Century to the Early 19th Century including 17th Century Low Dressers with three of four drawers, Welsh Dressers, Dressers with a rack, Canopied Dressers, Pot Board Dressers, Turned Leg Dressers, Cabriole Leg Dressers, Cupboard Base Dressers and Breakfront Dressers or inverted Breakfront Dressers.
Chairs and Stools from the 16th Century to the 18th Century including Joint Stools, Joined Stools, Dining Chairs, sets of Kitchen Chairs, sets of Country Chairs, pairs of Chairs, Wing Back Chairs, Wainscot Chairs, Windsor Chairs, Primitive Chairs, Upholstered Chairs and Back Stools.
Chests and Coffers from the 14th Century to the 18th Century including Gothic Boxes, Gothic Chests, Panelled Coffers, Six Plank Coffers, Carved Coffers, Westphalian Chests, Carved Chests and Mule Chests.
Chests of Drawers from the 17th Century to the early 19th Century including 17th Century Geometric Chests of Drawers, Cushion Moulded Chests of Drawers, Flat Fronted Chests Of Drawers, Georgian Chests Of Drawers most of which are constructed from oak, walnut with one being made out of solid laburnum.
Other Items which include individual pieces which do not fall into any other category such as Tester Beds, Book Presses, Pole Screens, Pictures, Chandeliers, Cradles, Mirrors, Wall Brackets and Embossed Leather Screens.
Carvings and Statues dating from the Roman and Celtic period though to the 14th to 17th Century. The wooden statues are normally carved from oak, walnut or lime wood and sometimes polychromed. Those worked from stone are normally the earlier examples including corbels from buildings or full length statues out of a soft stone or marble and sometimes busts. Busts and statues worked in metal will be cast in bronze, iron or lead with most of the Roman and Celtic statues being cast in bronze.
Settles and Settees which include items from the 16th Century through to the early 19th Century including Box Settles, Open Base Settles, Winged Settles, Bacon Settles, High Back Settles, Low Back Settles, Cantou, Cabriole Leg Settles, Canopied Settles, Wing Back Settees, Cabriole leg Settees and Knole Sofas.
Metalwork dating from 14th Century through to the 18th Century including Iron Smelting Ladles, Brass Chamber Sticks, Eel Spears, Barrel Taps, Iron Spear Heads/Spikes, Iron Cauldrons, Bronze Cauldrons Skillets, Bronze/Bell Metal Pans, Pewter Jugs, Pewter Plates, Pewter Bowls, Pewter Spoons, Brass/Bronze Hippocampus, Rush Nips, Bronze Wall Plaques, Italian Bronze Wall Plaques, Bronze Wick Trimmers, Brandy Warmers, Candlesticks, Alms Dish Depicting Adam and Eve, Early Choppers, Strong Boxes, Brass Tobacco Box, Pewter Bottle, Brass Cooking Pots, Waffle Makers and Bronze Pestle and Mortars.
Stonework dating from the Celtic and Roman period right though to the Medieval and Tudor Periods. Such items normally include, Stone Corbels, Stone Capitals, Stone Mortars, Stone Grotesques, Stone Busts and Stone Heads.
Tables dating from the 16th century through to the early 19th century including items such as Refectory Tables, Farmhouse Tables, Extending Farmhouse Dining Tables, Serving Tables, Altar tables, Hall Tables, Cricket Tables, Side Tables, Single Drawers Side Tables, Centre Tables, Gate Leg Tables, Architect Tables, Coaching Tables, tripod Tables, Tilt Top Tables, Altar Tables, Tripod Tables, Cricket tables, Side Tables, Centre Tables, Writing Tables and Primitive Tables.
Tapestries dating from the 16th Century 17th century and 18th Century including Tapestries from Aubusson in France and Flemish Tapestries.