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A 16th Century Brass Pilgrim's Badge

£1,200         Stock No.: 1733

A Saxon/Carolingian Stone Cross

£1,350         Stock No.: 1724

An Early Terracotta Bust

£475         Stock No.: 1715

An Early Medieval Stone Mortar

£575         Stock No.: 1712

Gilded Copper Alloy 15th Century Medieval Processional Cross

£7,500         Stock No.: 1710

Enamelled 13th Century Limoges Processional Cross

(POA)         Stock No.: 1709

An Early Globe & Sack Bottle With Iridescence Throughout

£595         Stock No.: 1661

A Group Of 15th/16th Century Marbles

£24         Stock No.: 1660

An extremely rare pair of Ming Dynasty green amber-glazed Pottery Attendants

(POA)         Stock No.: 1646

An extremely rare Tang Dynasty painted pottery Guardian

(POA)         Stock No.: 1645

An Excavated Late Medieval Pewter/Lead Pilgrims Badge

£135         Stock No.: 1643

A Rare 17th Century Dutch Knife

£1,650         Stock No.: 1636

A Small Roman/Byzantine Oil Lamp

£65         Stock No.: 1614

16th Century Fresco

£13,500         Stock No.: 1686

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