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A well executed 16th century walnut panel

£4,995         Stock No.: 1678

A 15th Century Statue Of A Saint

£2,650         Stock No.: 1673

A 15th Century Statue Of A Saint

£2,650         Stock No.: 1672

A Group Of 15th Century Oak Panels

£5,995         Stock No.: 1597

A Superb Late 16th Century Renaissance Carved Wood Statue

£7,800         Stock No.: 1564

A Two Thirds Life Size Statue Of Christ Circa 1400-1450.

(POA)         Stock No.: 1553

A Bronze/Brass Bust By Repute Of A Young Henry VI

        Stock No.: 1537

A Circa 1500 Group Depicting St. Anne

£13,500         Stock No.: 1517

I8th/19th Century Marble Bust Of Homer

£2,800         Stock No.: 1504

A Group Of 15th Century Oak Panels

£5,995         Stock No.: 1478

An Early 16th Century Oak Romayne Head Panel Dating To 1511 Of Exceptional Quality

£1,750         Stock No.: 1351

Antique carvings and statues make the perfect focal point in a room. Whether it is an antique wood panel carving or a statue it will make a statement. Apart from their decorative potential antique carvings and statues, also make a very fine addition to any art collection. These come in different forms, each handcrafted piece being unique and elegant. 
This section features a classic variety of statues and carvings, often including bronze antique statues, antique wood carvings, antique carved wood panels, marble statues, oak panels, carved wooden statues, antique oak carvings and antique bronze statues. Browse this category to see our collection.