Total No. Of Items : 466

A Rare 16th Century Oak Chest

SOLD         Stock No.: 1720

Early 16th Century Jewelled Chest

SOLD         Stock No.: 1705

Late Medieval Carved Stonework

SOLD         Stock No.: 1704


SOLD         Stock No.: 1698

A 16th century walnut panel

SOLD         Stock No.: 1681

A 16th century walnut panel

SOLD         Stock No.: 1680

A Late 18th Early 19th Century Oak Box Settle

SOLD         Stock No.: 1677

A Small 16th Century Oak Chest

SOLD         Stock No.: 1675

A 17th Century Statue of The Virgin Mary

SOLD         Stock No.: 1674

A 15th Century Statue Of A Saint

SOLD         Stock No.: 1673

A 15th Century Statue Of A Saint

SOLD         Stock No.: 1672

A 15th/16th Century Oak Carved Frieze

SOLD         Stock No.: 1671

A 16th Century Oak Panel

SOLD         Stock No.: 1670

A 16th Century Oak Panel

SOLD         Stock No.: 1668

A 16th Century Oak Panel

SOLD         Stock No.: 1667

Rare Bronze 16th/17th Century Goldsmith’s Cauldron

SOLD         Stock No.: 1662

A Chinese Sung Dynasty Pot

SOLD         Stock No.: 1659

An 18th Century Oak Table

SOLD         Stock No.: 1596

A Late 15th Century Early 16th Century Oak Gothic Cupboard

SOLD         Stock No.: 1591

A Small Late 18th Century Oak Pot Board Dresser.

SOLD         Stock No.: 1587

A Circa 1640 Walnut Joint Stool

SOLD         Stock No.: 1583

An Early 19th Century Burr Elm Stool

SOLD         Stock No.: 1581

A Circa 16th Century Oak Chest

SOLD         Stock No.: 1580

A Late 17th Early 18th Century Queen Anne Walnut Upholstered Chair.

SOLD         Stock No.: 1576

A Mid 19th Century Elm Seated Child's Chair

SOLD         Stock No.: 1570


SOLD         Stock No.: 1568

An Important Oak Chest Dating To The 14th Century

SOLD         Stock No.: 1567

A Bronze Head Of Athena With A Corinthian Helmet.

SOLD         Stock No.: 1565

A Superb Late 16th Century Renaissance Carved Wood Statue

SOLD         Stock No.: 1564

Marble Statue Of Demeter From the estate of William Moennig from Philadelphia

SOLD         Stock No.: 1563

A Pair Of Early Stone Corbels

SOLD         Stock No.: 1560

An 17th/18th Walnut Spanish Side Table

SOLD         Stock No.: 1557

A Two Thirds Life Size Statue Of Christ Circa 1400-1450.

SOLD         Stock No.: 1553

A Renaissance Repoussé Work Casket 16th Century Or Earlier

SOLD         Stock No.: 1551

A Rare 16th/17th Century French Chest

SOLD         Stock No.: 1550

A Mid 17th Century Oak Refectory Table

SOLD         Stock No.: 1543

Large 18th Century Aubusson Tapestry

SOLD         Stock No.: 1542



The above photographs detail items that we have sold over the past few years which fall into the following categories:
Antiquities including items from the following periods:Bronze age, iron age, Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Carolingian, Norman, Medieval, Tudor as well as early Chinese items particularly from the Tang and Ming Dynasties including important terracotta warriors.
Bible Boxes and Writing Slopes from the 16th Century to the 18th Century with many of the Bible Boxes and Writing Slopes being carved in the 17th Century.
Cupboards from the 15th Century to the 18th Century including Elizabethan Court Cupboards, Livery Cupboards, Joined Cupboards, Press Cupboards, Dressoirs, Gothic Cupboards, Deuddarns, Armoires, Corner Cupboards, Spice Cabinets, Housekeepers Cupboards and Hanging Cupboards.   
Desks and Bureaux including Bureau Bookcases.
Dressers from the 17th Century to the Early 19th Century including 17th Century Low Dressers with three of four drawers, Welsh Dressers, Dressers with a rack, Canopied Dressers, Pot Board Dressers, Turned Leg Dressers, Cabriole Leg Dressers, Cupboard Base Dressers and Breakfront Dressers or inverted Breakfront Dressers.
Chairs and Stools from the 16th Century to the 18th Century including Joint Stools, Joined Stools, Dining Chairs, sets of Kitchen Chairs, sets of Country Chairs, pairs of Chairs, Wing Back Chairs, Wainscot Chairs, Windsor Chairs, Primitive Chairs, Upholstered Chairs and Back Stools.
Chests and Coffers from the 14th Century to the 18th Century including Gothic Boxes, Gothic Chests, Panelled Coffers, Six Plank Coffers, Carved Coffers, Westphalian Chests, Carved Chests and Mule Chests.
Chests of Drawers from the 17th Century to the early 19th Century including 17th Century Geometric Chests of Drawers, Cushion Moulded Chests of Drawers, Flat Fronted Chests Of Drawers, Georgian Chests Of Drawers most of which are constructed from oak, walnut with one being made out of solid laburnum.
Other Items which include individual pieces which do not fall into any other category such as Tester Beds, Book Presses, Pole Screens, Pictures, Chandeliers, Cradles, Mirrors, Wall Brackets and Embossed Leather Screens.
Carvings and Statues dating from the Roman and Celtic period though to the 14th to 17th Century. The wooden statues are normally carved from oak, walnut or lime wood and sometimes polychromed. Those worked from stone are normally the earlier examples including corbels from buildings or full length statues out of a soft stone or marble and sometimes busts. Busts and statues worked in metal will be cast in bronze, iron or lead with most of the Roman and Celtic statues being cast in bronze.
Settles and Settees which include items from the 16th Century through to the early 19th Century including Box Settles, Open Base Settles, Winged Settles, Bacon Settles, High Back Settles, Low Back Settles, Cantou, Cabriole Leg Settles, Canopied Settles, Wing Back Settees, Cabriole leg Settees and Knole Sofas.
Metalwork dating from 14th Century through to the 18th Century including Iron Smelting Ladles, Brass Chamber Sticks, Eel Spears, Barrel Taps, Iron Spear Heads/Spikes, Iron Cauldrons, Bronze Cauldrons Skillets, Bronze/Bell Metal Pans, Pewter Jugs, Pewter Plates, Pewter Bowls, Pewter Spoons, Brass/Bronze Hippocampus, Rush Nips, Bronze Wall Plaques, Italian Bronze Wall Plaques, Bronze Wick Trimmers, Brandy Warmers, Candlesticks, Alms Dish Depicting Adam and Eve, Early Choppers, Strong Boxes, Brass Tobacco Box, Pewter Bottle, Brass Cooking Pots, Waffle Makers and Bronze Pestle and Mortars.
Stonework dating from the Celtic and Roman period right though to the Medieval and Tudor Periods. Such items normally include, Stone Corbels, Stone Capitals, Stone Mortars, Stone Grotesques, Stone Busts and Stone Heads.
Tables dating from the 16th century through to the early 19th century including items such as Refectory Tables, Farmhouse Tables, Extending Farmhouse Dining Tables, Serving Tables, Altar tables, Hall Tables, Cricket Tables, Side Tables, Single Drawers Side Tables, Centre Tables, Gate Leg Tables, Architect Tables, Coaching Tables, tripod Tables, Tilt Top Tables, Altar Tables, Tripod Tables, Cricket tables, Side Tables, Centre Tables, Writing Tables and Primitive Tables.
Tapestries dating from the 16th Century 17th century and 18th Century including Tapestries from Aubusson in France and Flemish Tapestries.

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for please contact us. We have many items in storage awaiting restoration and can undertake a search for you through our extensive client base and associated trade contacts which we have built up over the past 25 years.