16th Century Padlock

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Posted on March 26, 2020

16th Century PadlockCollectors are not always after traditional antique furniture. Sometimes they go for items that are a little more unusual, or maybe are after a single item to add to a collection or complement another piece.
We have a great example of an unusual collectable - this Excavated 15th/16th Century Padlock. Cleaned and preserved but in the same condition it was found, this is an excellent example of an antique padlock, it could join others in a collection or be a clever addition to a lockable antique piece of the same era.
Interestingly, antique lock collection is a hobby. A quick search finds thousands available online. However, most are vintage and more closely resemble the modern padlock we have today. But for serious collectors, several additional factors influence a search and purchase. These include rarity, uniqueness, origin, and age. All of these contribute to the desirability of an item - in the case of this padlock, the difference between some old metal, or an antique padlock that really is quite unusual! It is thought that Egyptians came up with the concept of a wooden tumbler lock using giant beans on the inside of a door, with the Romans and Chinese taking this concept into a portable and metal form that more closely resembles the padlock we know today.
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