17th Century Antique Walnut Chairs fit for a King!

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Posted on May 24, 2019

17th Century Antique Walnut Chairs fit for a King!In years gone by, certain types of chair were specifically used by kings and queens of the day, the nobility and senior clergymen. Designed to make an impression, these chairs were symbols of power and status - unique, individually handcrafted pieces of furniture made from quality wood. The designs were very elegant and a beautiful reflection of the period to which they belonged. Detailed carvings, unique shapes and elegant patina were just some of the features that set aside these high class seating options.

Today, at Antiques of Woodstock, you can become part of this exalted world, thanks to our fine stock of walnut chairs - each one unique and beautiful with definite regal appeal! We have single chairs in a royal design, as well as sets of chairs that would be ideal for your dining space. Check out our Chairs category to take a look.

Whether you plan to mix and match, or want to create space that’s in perfect design harmony, at Antique Oak Furniture we have a variety of attractive 17th & 18th Century walnut and oak chairs from which you can choose. Apart from walnut chairs, our varied collection also includes antique oak stools, antique oak dining chairs, antique oak armchairs, elm dining chairs, spindle back chairs and upholstered chairs.
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