A Useful Guide To Selecting Antique Dining Chairs

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Posted on December 30, 2017

A Useful Guide To Selecting Antique Dining ChairsThere are plenty of styles available that differ according to the time and place of origin. It is hence better to do a bit of research and have a general idea about the different types available. When you are blending the old into the new, it needs careful consideration so as to ensure that the fit is seamless. Taking the current theme of your home into consideration is hence important. You can always mix and match the antique chairs with modern tables or have a complete  antique dining set. Light coloured furniture suits the very modern homes whereas the slightly traditional set up can do well with dark coloured furniture. As for the colour tones, antique furniture comes in shades of warm honey color, shiny reddish colour, different shades of brown apart from the usual colours.
Considering the age of the chair is important. There is a marked difference between antique and vintage. While antiques are at least a hundred years old, vintage items are just over two decades old. The age and place of origin has a big impact on the value of the piece. Antiques go through a lot of wear and tear over the years and hence some minor restorations may be inevitable. You must however ensure that these are not overdone as it will just bring down the value of your furniture piece. Oak by nature is a very strong and durable material and hence the oak chairs are usually in good condition. Elm dining chairs and other hard woods are also popular.
Nevertheless since chairs are put to daily use you should ensure that the ones you select are very sturdy so as to avoid further wear and tear. Comfort is another important aspect in case of chairs that are going to be put to daily use. You can have a look at the beautiful cushioned options as well which will prove to be quite comfortable.
This set of Six Late 18th Century Elm Dining Chairs  is a good example of a set of antique country chairs dating to circa 1780 - each with a shield back, pieced back splat, drop in rush seat - raised on square tapering legs united by stretchers. It is a really good set in sound condition of excellent colour and decent figuring to the elm frames.
As for the dealers, always go only for the genuine ones so that you do not fall prey to fakes.
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