An Antique Oak Armoire Can Enhance Your Interior Design

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Posted on August 25, 2017

An Antique Oak Armoire Can Enhance Your Interior DesignAntique armoires are truely versatile pieces of furniture and can enhance the look of your interior.
These are rustic and beautiful and absolutely functional with the amount of storage space that they provide.
These were used for different purposes in the earlier times and can be repurposed and used in very versatile ways even today.

Antique furniture such as these armoires and wardrobes will blend in with other antiques as well as blend in with most of the more modern furnishings. The ones in oak often look particulalry elegant. Oak is a type of wood which comes with an inherent charm and oak furniture, apart from being attractive and appealing, is very durable too. A wonderful example of a good antique oak armoire is this 18th Century Oak Armoire . It is from Northern France and has  two panelled doors enclosing a deep interior. Raised on extended stile supports.

An antique oak armoire can effortlessly stand out even in the sleek modernity of the contemporary bedrooms. This can become the instant focal point which is also very functional. The shades of oak range from the commonly seen darker tones, to the other brighter colour tones such as warm honey, shiny reddish and mellow brown etc.

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