Antique Oak Furniture - A Good Choice for Styling Your Home

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Posted on August 02, 2017

Antique Oak Furniture - A Good Choice for Styling Your HomeAntique oak furniture can be mixed and matched in the contemporary homes and make a great choice for your home decor. Since the furniture is sturdier than those of most other woods you do not have to be overly careful around it for fear or damaging it.
Oak furniture is often very appealing and attractive and a piece matched in the contemporary decor can easily become the focal point of the space.
Although there are various shades of oak furniture, the darker toned ones are quite famous and stand out amidst the brighter hues of the contemporary homes.
Antique oak furniture can also bring in a classic formal appeal in case you are looking at a space that is more formal in appearance. Formal or informal, dark wood furniture looks warm, dramatic and incredibly stylish in most homes.
If you are looking for good quality period furniture, try us at Antique Oak Furniture. Browse our beautiful collection of oak furniture.
Take as an example this Mid 18th Century Inverted Breakfront Lancashire Oak Dresser Base that is fitted with three frieze drawers over a central cupboard flanked by a tier of drawers on the left and right. It has decorative column decoration on all the front facing corners. There are various repairs consistent with a piece of this age but nothing major.