Antique Servers

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Posted on June 11, 2018

A server is a piece of furniture that has been traditionally used in the dining rooms for serving food during formal meals or for displaying serving dishes. The servers are used in the restaurants as well for placing the dishes before serving them. These servers came with space for storage for your cutlery, glasses or any other dining accessories. The servers were usually placed against the wall and were about waist high. 
The servers were the tradionally quite small. The slightly varied and larger versions of the servers were known as buffets. Servers were smaller and more formal and lighter as compared to the buffets. The servers may have drawers and an open bottom with tall legs, which were the most common versions or they may have cabinets that are similar to a buffet. 
Sideboards are another version of the furniture used for similar purpose. Technically there isn’t much of a difference between buffets and sideboards which have been put to similar use. The marked difference being that sideboards often had short legs with the cabinets running almost right down to the floor as compared to the buffets which very often had taller and visible legs. 
The terms servers, sideboards and buffets have time and again been used interchangeably by many for these kinds of furniture pieces. While the servers and sideboards are the kinds that are meant for the kitchen or dining, the term buffet is usually used for the pieces meant for the living rooms or elsewhere in the house. 

A typical example of a nice antique side table is this 17th/18th Century Walnut Spanish Side Table. The planked top over the four leg base united by side stretchers – the frieze with a single drawer with carved original detail and the original iron ring handle. It has good colour and a useful low table.This antique walnut Spanish side table is a wonderful example of Spanish period furniture

52.7 cms High (20.75 inches)
59.1 cms Wide (23.25 inches)
45.7 cms Deep (18 inches)