Antique Wood Carvings

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Posted on January 26, 2020

Antique Wood CarvingsAt Antiques of Woodstock, we have a beautiful collection of antique wood carvings. Carving on wood has been a common decorative technique for a very long time, although the styles and origins are different and varied. Wooden carvings are found on furniture and in the form of standalone decorative pieces.
What are the qualities that define the value of a good antique wooden carving or sculpture?
· Style
· Modelling of the figure
· Rarity of the piece
· Skill and finesse of the artist
· Condition of the piece
· Fame of the Artist or Sculptor who created the piece
· Restorations done if any and the quality of any work undertaken.
We have a number of fine carvings in our collection. Although antiques, these still fit into most decors, traditional and modern. Antique carvings and statues make an excellent focal point in a room. These are the kind of decorative pieces that can be easily incorporated and will make a statement. The pieces in our collection are all different, each handcrafted to perfection. Check out our range of statues and carvings such as marble busts and statues, antique wood carvings, antique carved wood panels, marble statues, oak panels, carved wooden statues, antique oak carvings, and antique bronze statues.
Please browse through our collection to find the best piece for your home!