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Posted on November 28, 2018

Buy Roman Antiquities At Antiques of Woodstock, UKRoman art and design often followed two themes - mythological depictions of the Roman Gods, and illustrations by the artists of the Roman Emperors in sculptures, mosaics and paintings.

Roman designs could also have Greek influence, especially predominant in sculptures and paintings.

Besides artefacts, there are quite a few small utility items that can make decorative pieces as well as being part of an art collector’s stock. These include items like bracelets, stirrers, brooches and more.

Our fine selection of antiquities, at Antiques of Woodstock include a number of small antiques suitable for everyday use. These ancient Roman artefacts include stoneware antique mugs, stoneware jars, Roman oil lamps, pottery lamps and a lot more.

Browse through the ‘Antiquities’ section to have a look at the available items.