Buying Antique Oak Chest

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Posted on November 22, 2017

Buying Antique Oak ChestAntique chests are not just some pretty pieces of show furniture but are functional too. Apart from being great looking with an air of history and sophistication they are very practical being versatile storage furniture in addition to being suitable as tables and display surfaces.
Here are a few tips for you that might come in handy when an antique chest or coffer.
Age of a piece matters. Just because it is a bit old does not make it antique. For being termed as antique, the piece needs to be at least 100 years old. Any piece of furniture younger could be termed as vintage.
Often on the description the word ‘Circa’ pops up before a particular year. This means that the particular piece is ‘around’ that time.
Provenance is important too and very often has a major impact on the value of a piece. Provenance in simple terms means the history of a particular piece. The factors like who owned the furniture piece, where it was made are important. Many a times there are documents to support the details in which case, the price will be higher.
Condition of your oak chest is important. While some bumps and bruises are but natural in case of an antique, the overall condition should be good. Check thoroughly for restoration and replacements as this undermines the value to an extent.
As for the styles and origins, the well-known examples of coffers chests belong to the Victorian era which also had a strong influence of Gothic Revival styles in the 18th century and French Rococo style. The Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts eras also produced some fine quality chests and coffers. There were examples of chests/coffers that were elaborately ornamented with embossed metal or paintings.
It is important that you give a good thought to the overall look of your interiors. Since most of the oak chests come in darker wood shades, it is important that you incorporate these in the modern decor smartly so that it does not look out of place.
The dealer you choose needs to be reputed and genuine since there are many reproductions available in the market. Research well before choosing your dealer. Check out the websites of associations like BADA and LAPADA for good dealers, auctions and fairs.
A typical fine exmaple of a chest is this 16th Century Oak Chest that is fitted with Gothic blind tracery front. It is heavily carved on sledge feet and has good original colour.
Its dimensions are
54.6 cms High (21.5 inches)
130.8 cms Wide (51.5 inches)
44.5 cms Deep (17.5 inches)

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