Chinese Northern Sung Dynasty Cha Bowl

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Posted on April 23, 2020

Chinese Northern Sung Dynasty Cha BowlAt Antiques of Woodstock, we have a versatile collection of antiquities belonging to different periods in history. Antiquities refer to items from ancient times or former ages - and we have quite a few.
Examples of some more usual antiquities include items and trinkets from before the medieval period, ancient Roman artefacts, stoneware antiques, mugs, stoneware jars, Chinese bowls, Roman oil lamps, medieval jewellery, medieval bronze rings, 17th-century pewter and medieval pottery lamps. Our stock of antiquities includes items of everyday use from the past that make unique decorative and collectable items in modern homes.
In our collection, we have two Cha Bowls belonging to the Chinese Northern Sung Dynasty. The Sung Dynasty period was considered to be the Chinese golden age. Divided into two halves, the Northern Song and the Southern Song and widely Considered to be the most brilliant era of Chinese history.
Check out the Cha Bowls in our collection. We have many other items from different periods also available in our antiquities section, all offering an interesting piece of history.