Common Mistakes While Decorating With Antique Accessories or Antiquities

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Posted on February 27, 2019

Common Mistakes While Decorating With Antique Accessories or AntiquitiesAntiques can add history, charm, and even mystery to your decor!

There are different kinds of antique accessories that you can incorporate into your contemporary home to bring in a traditional feel. Though adding antiques does require some skill and should not be done thoughtlessly. The secret to creating an effortlessly classic style is to make sure that it is carefully curated and well thought out, if not you risk looking like a museum of antique artefacts.

There are a few things that you should avoid while decorating a room with antique accessories:
    • It is quite easy to get carried away when it comes to artefacts and antique accessories. Never buy aimlessly, always plan what you want and what is going to suit your decor and theme well. Your pick of antique accessories should be done sensibly. Since decorative accessories can be the more affordable, you might land up buying unwanted things. So think wise!
    • Always have a clear idea about the tone of your decor before going antique hunting. Since you are mixing styles, some good thought needs to go into choosing well. Since most decorative antiques are unique and one of a kind, they may also end up looking out of place. To avoid a collection akin to a museum of antique accessories, the complete appearance should be well thought of and adhered to.
    • Never go on a buying spree as your space might just look overloaded with antiques or cluttered.
    • Depending on the theme of your decor, go for the right number of pieces that have something in common with your current decor.
    • There is absolutely no need to be too conservative with antiques. Antiques, be it furniture or decorative pieces do not need to be used only for their intended purposes alone. You can always experiment with these and use in innovative ways in a home. For instance an antique or vintage jar will look beautiful with some flowers in it.
    • Give some thought to the value of the pieces. If you are looking at a purchase from a collectors point of view, take due care when putting these items in your homes. These should be incorporated in such a way that they will not get damaged.
    • While incorporating antique accessories, try to keep restoration to a bare minimum. Overdoing any restoration or redecoration will risk the antique pieces losing their charm.
    • With antique accessories, you can always make it into a theme of the home rather than sticking to a single room. Try to incorporate one or two themed accessories in multiple rooms in your home.

These are a just a few considerations you can keep in mind while decorating with antique accessories and antiquities

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