Find a selected beautiful range of antique oak refectory tables

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Posted on November 22, 2019

Find a selected beautiful range of antique oak refectory tablesRefectory tables are a classic example of old world furniture. They are majestic and can provide a beautifully imposing presence around other decor. Oak tables, with their regal appeal, look especially classical! As with all handcrafted furniture pieces from the past, refectory tables are naturally durable and sturdy. The fact that they are made from oak, given all the properties associated with this type of wood, makes them extra robust!

Structure-wise, refectory tables are straightforward and generally quite long with an impressive seating capacity; not surprising since they were created for the monasteries to accommodate large numbers of people. They can fit anywhere between 8 to 24 people, or more in the case of the longest versions. There are also smaller sizes available that work well as occasional tables.

If you are looking for a table to accommodate your own hordes, a refectory table will definitely fit the bill. And with their basic appearance, they can also make ideal farmhouse tables. This simple styling makes it easy to match a refectory table with different kinds of chair – either classic or contemporary. A decent sized refectory table can also work well as a kitchen table, doubling as a kitchen island when required.

At Antiques of Woodstock, we currently have available the smaller version of an antique refectory table. In case you are looking for a larger option, we can also find a solution. Simply make use of our ‘Antique Finder’s Service’ to uncover the exact table you’ve been looking for.