How to Choose Antique oak stools

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Posted on October 26, 2018

How to Choose Antique oak stoolsLike any antique piece of furniture, the experience of searching and finding the right piece of antique is a hard yet a fun process.

Usually made harder, because finding a genuine dealer and a genuine piece of furniture in a world of reproductions is a difficult process. If you are looking for antique furniture like antique oak stools, there are a number of considerations that you need to keep in mind while beginning and carrying on with your process of searching for the right piece of furniture.

Antique stools are a type of furniture that have the ability to add a finishing touch to the space. And the antique oaks stools are especially elegant with the beautiful appearance of the wood itself.  

While shopping for any kind of antique furniture, determining its purpose is of utmost importance. Wooden stools for example, are the perfect choice for your kitchen or bar. Simple, versatile and elegant. And a mix of similar looking stools clubbed together can be a winning combination. The size of an antique stool also gives you quite a few other possible uses in contemporary homes. They work well as tiny tables to put up a decorative accessory or a lamp or to hold your key bowl in the hallway. Depending on the purpose you will also know better what height to look for.

Since we are talking about antiques, considering your current decor is important in order to ensure that your antique piece does not look out of place. Oak furniture has a quality about it that helps it fit in easily no matter where. Since antique stools are compact pieces of furniture they do not appear too imposing but add a finishing touch with their subtle presence.

While choosing your stool never go for the first item that you see. Put a good amount of thought in while making your choice. Choosing well ensures that the look of your home is enhanced in a beautiful manner. Hence always look closely to see how the piece was made. Try to do your homework about the origins of the piece and the style period it belongs to. If you have some idea about the available styles and their specific design elements, it will reduce the time taken searching for a good quality item.

Always check for damage, repairs and restoration when choosing antiques. Your antique stool should be in a good condition and not shaky on its feet. Always check for simple repairs and complete replacements as these affect the value of a piece. Lastly, always go to a dealer that you are sure of. in a world of fakes and reproductions, finding a genuine dealer is the first step towards finding a genuine piece. Make sure that the source that you choose is absolutely genuine.

Most importantly, always go for a piece of furniture that you fall in love with. If a particular piece has not really struck a chord, look for more till you find the perfect one!