How to Choose Oak Farmhouse or RefectoryTable

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Posted on January 31, 2018

How to Choose Oak Farmhouse or RefectoryTable

An antique farmhouse table or refectory table makes a very casual yet classy inclusion to the home decor. These are simple and elegant with a rustic appeal and create a feeling of warmth and welcoming. If you have space and often entertain a lot of guests, a farmhouse table is ideal as it has great form and function.
Antique farmhouse tables can be easily recognised with their long length and sturdy legs. These have always been a common feature in the country homes and hence are simple in structure and rustic in appearance. Farmhouse tables are usually long and you have options that can accommodate anywhere between 6 to 12 or more people. The materials used for the farmhouse tables include oak wood, solid pine or fruitwood etc. of different natural shades that vary depending on the type of wood used. 

When buying an antique farmhouse table there are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind.
Since it is an antique you plan to invest in, having a little idea about the styles and origins is a must. The dealer that you plan to buy from must be well known and genuine since there are many reproductions in the market. You should do a little bit of research regarding the value of a piece. There are various things like the style period, origin, uniqueness, restoration, repairs etc that affect the value of a piece. If you are buying online you should especially be vigilant about the details.
Now when it comes to farmhouse tables, dimensions are important. You should ideally leave at least three feet or more distance between the table edges and the walls so that there is enough space for the chairs to move around. Since farmhouse tables are long and large, you should have a clear picture of the dimensions as these might look a bit too imposing in your home. Giving a thought to your home decor is important. The table that you plan to go for should have something in common with the decor and should be incorporated in such a way that it complements the decor.
Matching your table with either modern or traditional chairs can work well. If you already have a set of chairs that you plan to match up with your new buy you should see to it that these chairs fit in well inside the legs of the table.

A good example of a refectory table is this Mid 17th Century Oak Refectory Table. This is fitted with a planked top over a frieze carved on one side with tulips and raised on turned legs with a double central stretcher. This table would have originally had peripheral stretchers but both side stretchers have been relocated to run down the centre of the table to facilitate ease of seating with chairs. The antique refectory table has the following dimensions:-
76.2 cms High (30 inches)
78.7 cms Wide (31 inches)
204.5 cms Deep (80.5 inches)

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