How to find High Quality Antique Oak Cupboards

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Posted on August 18, 2018

How to find High Quality Antique Oak CupboardsAntique Oak Cupboards make a good looking as well as a very functional addition in the home.
Oak furniture always brings in a very elegant vibe with its deep colour tones and alluring appeal.
Cupboards from the antique world prove to be of great use as they provide ample storage space and they have other uses. These can be put in places around the house other than the bedrooms. As oak is very strong the oak cupboards are durable and can withstand rugged use too. Here are you options form buying a good antique oak cupboard.

·         Buy from a good and trusted Antique dealer who is backed by being a member of such antiques associations as Bada (British Antique Dealers' Association; or Lapada (London and Provincial Antique Dealers' Association; They also usually organize antique exhibitions where you will find the best dealers displaying their items all under one roof.
·         Antique fairs are a good source.
·         General and specialist auctions organized by recognized institutions are a good place to have a look.

At Antiques of Woodstock we have a classic selection of antique oak cupboards including this  15th/16th Century Oak Cupboard is simplistic and naive with planked construction and dovetail jointed with the shelves having protruding tenons through the sides. Planked throughout with a single central door - an open bottom shelf – and shelves fitted internally. Great colour and patination. This begs to be admired rather than hidden in a bedroom!

For a more practical antique oak cupboard see our
18th Century Oak Armoire from Northern France. It has

the two panelled doors enclosing a deep interior and is raised on extended stile supports.

Browse through this antique cupboards section to see our fine collection of antique cupboards that includes an oak two door cupboard, antique oak armoire, oak food cupboard, oak press cupboard, oak court cupboard, two door cupboard and Gothic cupboards.