Oak Farmhouse Tables

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Posted on February 19, 2018

Oak Farmhouse TablesFarmhouse tables are charming and bring in a warm and welcoming appeal to wherever they get incorporated. If you are looking for a farmhouse table, oak one especially, here is a quick guide to help you get started.

  • Seating capacity: What size are you looking for? There are plenty of size options. Farmhouse tables can have seating capacity of anywhere from 4 to around 16 and 20. Also do not forget the are extending versions available... which are ideal if you have limited space but infrequent requirments form large seating capacity.
  • Your current decor is important so that the new addition complements the look. If you are looking for something very decorative, farmhouse tables are not for you since these mostly are simple in appearance with clean lines and simple designs.
  • Shape of the table can be rectanglar, oval or the extending versions.
  • As for any dining table it is necessary to measure the space available in advance. Since farmhouse tables are in larger proportions this is all the more important. There needs to be enough space around the table to move around and draw out the chairs.
  • If you are looking at oak antique farmhouse tables you have quite a few options in terms of colours. The shades available range from honey brown to reddish tones, subtle browns and the common dark shade. While the lighter colour shades suit casual environments, the darker tones suit the formal and more traditional themes.
  • Oak is a dense hardwood and the furniture made out of oak is strong and durable. 
  • Authenticity is very important and it is important that you buy from a well known dealer only.
  • Since it is antiques it is important that you know a bit about the value. Restoration can affect the value of the piece as also its uniqueness. 

Another nice example of a good antique kitchend tabkle is this  Late 18th Century Oak & Pine Trestle Table. It is fitted with a planked thick top over an oak trestle base - of good colour and in original condition. This antique oak and pine table can easily be raised in height if necessary by placing wooden blocks under the trestle ends.


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