Our Collection of Stoneware Antiquities

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Posted on March 23, 2018

Our Collection of Stoneware Antiquities At Antique Oak Furniture we have special selection of stoneware in our antiquities collection. Antique stoneware are the kind of decorative items that are not always beautiful but what makes them decorative is their uniqueness and historic appeal. It helps to have an understanding of such period items to appreciate their beauty. This is exactly the reason why so many pieces of antique stoneware often make straight to the collector’s collection. Amongst the antique stoneware options there is a wide variety of items such as crocks, jugs, jars and a number of other household items.

With antiquity pieces like stoneware there are many who decorate or collect bearing in mind a particular theme. Here we have a number of dining or kitchen items that you can begin to acquire to create a classic collection. Almost all of our pieces are in good condition with just a few marks of age that only add to the beauty of the pieces.

A fine example is this  17th Century Hand Thrown Glazed Stoneware Mug

Our Collection of Stoneware AntiquitiesAnother is this  15th Century Hand Thrown Thumbprint Jug from Holland

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