Searching for an18th Century skillet, and other antique metalware?

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Posted on April 25, 2019

Searching for an18th Century skillet, and other antique metalware?Antiques have a time proven appeal  - and cleverly used, can add some charm and personality to your kitchen.
At Antiques of Woodstock, Oxfordshire we have some exciting kitchen accessories to adorn your kitchen. Racks of pots and pans always make an interestingly decorative feature in the kitchen.
Have a look at these beautiful options from our collection;
An 18th Century Skillet, signed T.P.B. Watere along the length of its handle, and in good condition. Alternatively, this other similar 18th Century Skillet which is signed indistinctly '20 Warner'. Both have three legs, are slightly different in appearance looking great on their own or as a pair.
Such antique items make a fabulously decorative display in a kitchen. With the visual impact of well made, aged and mismatched antique kitchen items, they can quite effortlessly create an eclectic presentation.
Making a bold statement, these are the perfect examples. You can also find other exciting antique kitchen items such as antique cheese boards, vegetable graters, or waffle makers to spice up a collection.
Visit us at Antiques of Woodstock to be inspired and find some fine antique kitchen items to create a unique kitchen display in your modern home.