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Posted on August 27, 2019

View our 'statement making' collection of statues and carvingsAntique carvings and statues are decorative antiques that can add character and personality to any decor. Placed cleverly, these can make the perfect focal point and can quite effortlessly add some real character to what was a dull space before.
Quality pieces from the past have a classic appeal of elegance. No matter what the size, they can easily make a significant inclusion into a room. Antique carvings and statues, apart from their decorative potential, also make a wonderful addition to an art or antique collection. These come in many different forms that can help add decorative appeal.
We have a fine collection of statues and carvings made of oak, marble, and walnut. Bronze antique statues, antique wood carvings, antique carved wood panels, marble statues, oak panels, carved wooden statues, antique busts to name but a few.
Please browse through our website to have a look at our collection. Alternatively, follow these links for a few good examples:
18th/19th Century Marble Bust of Homer, or a Group of 15th Century Oak Panels set in an 18th Century oak frame. Such a group of panels are quite a rare find. How about a 15th Century Statue of a Saint carved in oak in all of its original glory and in great condition.
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