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Posted on October 02, 2017

Antiques have a charm and presence like no other. Be it hefty furniture pieces or small decorative items like metalware. These look stunning and elegant in the modern environment and most often than not become the instant focal points too.
At Antique Oak Furniture (also referred to as Antiques of Woodstock) we have a classic collection of antique metalware amongst our stunning repertoire of elegant oak furniture.
There are items that have had the most mundane of the uses in the past but which when incorporated in the contemporary decor look like elegant pieces of art.
A typical example is this 18th Century Skillet. Signed indistinctly '20 Warner'?
Have a look at our collection of antique metalware which includes some fine pieces like a brass candelabra, antique brass candlesticks, waffle makers, pewter plates, brandy warmers, the very early versions of the pestle and mortar and the like. If there is something in particular that you are looking out for but cannot find in our collection please make use of our ‘Antique Search Service’ and we will try our best to source that piece for you.
Browse through our website to have a look at our classic collection.